Vitality Data Centre (VDC) is a collaborative project between TU/e and UU on the data-driven research to promote vitality and urban health.

VDC aims at establishing a GDPR-ready research platfrom to integrate behavioral and environmental data.

The system artchitecture based on a survey study with researchers from design and geoscience.

The design of the VDC online platform - dashboard.

VDC is built upon Data Foundry - a backend and storage service by ID at TU/e that empowers our platform with data collection and management.

Latest development of VDC (still work-in-progress):

User registration & dashboard overview.

Upload metadata and files of the dataset.

Modify the dataset.

Please access to the latest VDC platform via here (registration is needed for complete experience).

For more detail of the VDC project:

Ren, X., Wang, Z., Nast, C., Ettema, D., and Brombacher, A. Integrating industrial design and geoscience: a survey on data-driven research to promote public health and vitality. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Digital Public Health, ACM, 2019. [ pdf ]