LightSit | 2018-2020
calm technology, biofeedback, office vitality

ConsultAI | 2018-2020
clinical decision support, AI, chatbot

Vitality Data Center | 2019-2020
vitality promotion, data platform, research tool

Step-by-Step | 2018-2019
social support, exergaming, office vitality

HealthSit | 2016-2018
micro-breaks, unobtrusive sensing, office vitality

ShuttleKicker+ | 2015-2017
booster breaks, multimodal interactions, vitality

Work or Workout? | 2014-2018
Ph.D. thesis, design research, office vitality

Perswedo | 2016-2017
persuasive design, toolkits, creativity

Flow - Active Sitting | 2016-2017
active ageing, sitting dynamics, music


Rain House | 2013
architecture, concept, nature

AgriCore | 2012
service design, agriculture, PSS

Slow-Tea | 2011
product design, lifestyle, well-being

Body Clock | 2010
IoT, healthcare, office vitality

Other Works - Industrial Design
service design, agriculture, PSS

Other Works - Architecture and Visuals
product design, lifestyle, well-being


User Research with Probes
user inquiry, probes

Persuasive Technology
behavior change, innovation process

Office Vitality
smart workplace, ubiquitous health