Hello, I am Xipei. As a design researcher with a background in industrial design, I am interested in exploring new forms of intelligent product service systems in relation to health promotion, human vitality, and healthcare provision.

Currently, I am associate professor and PhD promoter at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Besides, I also work as the principle investigator of the Healthful Experience Design (HxD) research group, the vice director of the BIT-International Design Center, as well as the vice director of the interaction design and social innovation key lab at BIT. Additionally, I am appointed as a guest researcher and a PhD advisor at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Previously, I was a postdoc researcher of Vitality Data Centre at TU/e. Apart from my postdoctoral fellowship, I also worked as UX researcher in the AI and Data Science team at HumanTotalCare, the largest occulational health service provider in the Netherlands.

I received a Ph.D. degree also from the Industrial Design department at TU/e, under the supervison of Dr.Yuan Lu and Prof.dr.Aarnout Brombacher. I regularly publish scientific papers in international journals and conferences in the field of human-computer interaction or digital health, and presents research projects in design exhibitions globally. I coach students at BIT and TU/e and many more design institutions on design and research projects at batchelor, master, and Ph.D. levels. I sometimes travel to universities and research institutions in China and Europe to give lectures.

My research often conducts in collaborative settings with partners from academia and industry. I take qualitative inquiry and participatory design to understand users and contexts and derive design requirements for health technology; I follow iterative design processes to develop concepts, mockups, and functional prototypes; I use quantitative and qualitative evaluations to study the meaning of novel designs to people's life and measure their impacts on health, well-being, and beyond.

Download my CV (update:14-02-2020)

Recent Activities


My research proposal "Designing Smart Technology for Epidemic Prevention based on Personal Health Big Data" has been granted by the National Social Science Fund of China.


Our paper entitled Why exercise at work: Development of the office exercise behavior determinants scale has been accepted by International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (impact factor: 3.390). Congratulations to all my co-authors from BIT and TU/e!


I have been appointed as associate professor and PhD promoter at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), one of the top class university in China.


Our paper entitled Understanding physician’s experience with conversational interfaces during occupational health consultation has been accepted by IEEE Access (impact factor: 4.098). Congratulations to all my co-authors from HumanTotalCare!


Our workshop proposal entitled Weaving healthy behaviors into new technology routines: designing in (and for) the COVID-19 work-from-home period has been accepted by DIS2020 conference. Congratulations to all my co-authors from TU/e, San Jose State University, RMIT University, University of Nottingham Ningbo, National University of Singapore, and HumanTotalCare!


Our paper entitled Engaging stakeholders to design an intelligent decision support tool in the occupational health context has been accepted by CHI2020 conference as late-breaking work. Congratulations to all my co-authors from the research and development department at HumanTotalCare!


I have been teaching at Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing, China) for one month on the guest lecture - "Life Probes and Programming".


I attended the 9th International Digital Public Health conference (Marseille, France) and present the research paper based on our VDC project.


My research proposal "Smart Office for Promoting Healthy Behaviors in the Work Routine" has been awarded a NWO KIEM Creative Industries grant.


I attended the 2019 World Industrial Design Conference (Yantai, China) and exhibited our LightSit project.


I participated the "Design Research and Scientific Writing" summer school (Guangzhou, China) as a lecturer.


I attended the 2019 ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Glasgow, UK) and presented the paper based on our Step-by-Step project.


The article based on our LightSit project was accepted and published by Sensors (imapact factor: 3.031).


I successfully defended my Ph.D. entitled: Work or workout? designing interactive technology for workplace fitness promotion.


I attended the 21st ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (New York, USA) and presented the article from my Ph.D. project.


Our LightSit project has been selected and funded by Mind the Step and exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2019 (Eindhoven, the Netherlands).


I am appointed as a postdoc researcher by the Vitality Data Centre (VDC) project at TU/e.